St. Stephens
Divine Love Always Has Met And Will Always Meet Every Human Need

This church was designed by two University of Chicago architects, Coolidge and Hodgdon. Coolidge was also part of the firm Shepley, Rutan, and Coolidge. That firm is well known for designing the original Art Institute of Chicago building and the Chicago Public Library (Now the Chicago Cultural Canter).

Construction was completed in 1919 for the buildings first congregation, the Tenth Church Of Christ Scientist. After that, details are very thin.

At some point the Christian Science congregation either dwindled or merged with another congregation. The St. Stephens congregation took over the facility up until at least 1993. When St. Stephens took over, and if there were any congregations in between the two is not known.

Even the latest information on the building is not well known. A developer from the western suburbs of Chicago purchased the building. He came up with a proposal calling for it's conversion to an eight story condominium complex preserving the front facade. A neighborhood effort was made to work with the developer on parking issues and the number of units to make the project more compatible with the character of the street.

At this point it seems that the developer has lost interest, or possibly funding. With the delays, time has not been kind to the building. Windows and door were left open and everything possible has taken it's toll. The elements, vandals, scrappers and taggers have all abused the church. In early 2005 the building was finally secured from the human elements, but mother nature is still doing her best to reclaim the land.