The River Stops At Chicago...Your Shipment Doesn't

The history of these silos is not very well known. A brochure found on site gives us a brief history. The information, from 1978, states that the property was owned by the Marine Transit Company. At this time the location was known as the "Chicago Barge Terminal".

The Chicago Barge Terminal could handle direct barge-to-rail, or rail-to-barge transfer. It had four warehouse buildings with a combined capacity of over 100,000 square feet. Lift trucks had capacities from 5,000 to 35,000 pounds. Two heavy duty cranes were also on the site, one with 80-ton capacity, the other a 60-ton capacity.

Commodities handled regularly included all types of iron and steel products, lumber, plywood, wood pulp, zinc, and bagged products.

It appears that in 1984 Marine Transit Company became Barge Terminal Trucking.

In recent years, most buildings appeared to be inactive. The land surrounding the silos and remaining warehouses was used by a trucking company to store trailers, it is not known if this was Barge Terminal Trucking or not. In early 2005, the land became vacant. Now the most activity is by taggers who tag the outside of the silos, probably due to the proximity to a major expressway.