Muscatatuck State Development Center

In 1919 the state of Indiana built the Indiana Farm Colony for Feeble Minded Youth in Butlerville. It was a work farm and residential facility that was made up developmentally disabled males over the age of 16.

The Colony's administrative authority was transferred to Fort Wayne in 1925. At that point the facility began to lean more towards education and less on work.

By 1941 the name was changed to the Muscatatuck State School and started to accept women.

In April of 2001 it was announced that Muscatatuck would close down by 2003. The decision was made based on the $84 million dollars it would cost to update the facility. Also from 2000 to 2003 there were 183 reported cases of various abuse at the center.

The closing didn't actually happen until May of 2005 when the last of the 279 patients were transferred to other facilities or group homes. At it's height the facility housed close to 1,800 patients.

Muscatatuck will not meet a wrecking ball. Instead all 52 buildings and 850 acres are being transferred to the Indiana National Guard. They will be building a Urban Training Center to help train soldiers across the country in urban combat.